Active Release Technique (ART)

Soft tissue injuries can be a painful experience. Recover Therapy offers certain physical exercises that help relieve such injuries in a smooth yet effective way. We undertake the Active Release Technique (ART) as a highly effective therapeutic treatment for injuries of soft tissues that include muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Who may use it?

ART therapy is used in treating lower back pain, shoulder strain, frozen shoulders, tension headaches or more complex problems like shin splints, tennis elbow Bursitis, sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

ART at Recover Therapy!

Treats adhesions: Our ART practitioners successfully treat the tissue damage, muscle pain and scar tissue specifically preventing and breaking up adhesions.

Relieve tight muscles: The ART therapy sessions are a way to relieve tight muscles and nerve trigger points; thus beginning the healing process and relieving joint stress and improving your quality of life.

Natural Treatment: The best thing about ART therapy is that it is a natural treatment, which works like deep tissue massage and patients can feel the stress of joints and nerves relieved, without having to use any kind of medication.

Qualified practitioners: ART therapy compounds some very specific hand-and-finger-massage movements which our highly qualified practitioners tailor to the condition and extent of the problems of patient under treatment.