Dry Needling

Do you wish to relieve yourself of that painful wrist or ankle? Then dry needling may just be the treatment you would require.

Who may use it?

It is useful for myofascial pain syndrome, common running injuries or repetitive strain, reduces muscle tension, normalizes dysfunctions of the motor end plates, and helps relieving painful trigger points and muscles in arm and neck areas especially.

Dry Needling at Recover Therapy

Dry Needling is different in a way that it addresses the specific points that causes pain.

Relieve Muscular pain: Our physical therapists use dry needling to relieve pain and muscular injuries.

Thin Needles: Dry needling works with thin filiform needle. Our experts use thin needles so that the patient experiences least amount of pain. 

Triggers pressure point: The dry needle being injected directly into the skin in the area of pain triggers the pressure points in the body. This treatment is a modification of the age old Chinese technique acupuncture medicine and is based upon principles of modern Western medicine. 

Qualified physical therapists: We have qualified physical therapists on board with us. However, as Dry needling is a relatively new area still under research. Consult your medical history before taking the treatment.