Float Therapy

Athletes and sportsmen are often stuck with exasperating injuries, low morale and stress related physical diseases. There are multiple therapies that help subside your pain to much extent. Float therapy is one of those.

Who may use it?

Float therapy is suitable for anyone with stress induced or related diseases. This helps combat the root cause of your most physical problems that is stress and resolves them psychologically. This therapy is said to help the depressed, psychological diseases and even PTSD.

Float Therapy at Recover Therapy

Also termed as a ‘Sensory Deprivation’ technique we provide a relaxing and comforting treatment. This is a 45 to 60 minutes therapy.

Relax and improve control: We provide Float therapy to help you experience weightlessness so that every organ of your body can relax, stretch and orient itself in its natural position.

State of the art facility: We offer a small yet comfortable facility, pitch-black, and soundproof room. The pool is temperature controlled and saturated with Epsom salts

Improves blood circulation: The therapy is said to improve blood circulation, stress reduction, Pain management.

Improves mental and physical performance: we ensure that our relaxing float therapy makes you feel improved in both physical and mental performance.