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ACL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is located in the knee. It can be injured or torn when it is harshly twisted in the wrong way. ACL tears are especially common in athletes, including those who participate in sports such as gymnastics, football, soccer, tennis, or other quick running activities.

All these sports require sudden stops and changes in direction, making the risk higher for twisting the knee the wrong way and sustaining an ACL injury.

An ACL injury is painful and debilitating. Those suffering from this type of injury typically experience severe pain, swelling, limited range of motion, and instability when trying to bear weight. Fortunately, our Tulsa & Broken Arrow, OK physical therapy services can help treat your ACL injury and provide some much-needed relief.

According to GetPT1st, “research shows that 26% of non-contact ACL injuries could be prevented by specific exercise programs.”

At Recover, we are dedicated not only to helping you recover from your ACL injury, but we are also able to help you prevent further injuries from occurring in the future. Our Tulsa & Broken Arrow, OK physical therapists will conduct several tests to gauge your injury risk, such as the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS). This is a jump-landing test, used to determine whether or not you are at high-risk for a non-contact ACL injury.

Full ACL tears most often require surgical repair. Physical therapy is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process before and after surgery to ensure you attain the best recovery possible. We work closely with your surgeon to follow protocols, restore range of motion, strength, and muscle coordination throughout the recovery process.

After diagnostic tests and physical examinations are complete, our physical therapists will design a specialized treatment plan based on your specific needs. Your treatment plan may include a combination of methods, including manual therapy, targeted exercises, muscle coordination, balance exercises, and more, all aimed at providing relief and the best possible recovery.

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