Allie S.

August 14th, 2019

Short story: Dr. G is an amazing therapist who really goes above and beyond for her patients!

Long story: I’ve recently completed my third round of physical therapy for pain in my knees and hips. Dr. G was the third therapist I’ve seen and definitely the most thorough. She really worked to find the root of the issue, rather than just general muscle strengthening. I’ve been given several home exercises to complete during the process of therapy, as well as ones to continue with to prevent future injury. Anytime I was having new (and often unrelated) symptoms or pains, she always had ideas for how to treat them. She was always willing to find the cause for a problem and give me some quick exercises even if it wasn’t a problem directly related to my knees and hips.

Recently, I emailed her regarding a severe migraine I was having. I’d had the migraine for 5 days and was getting desperate about a cure so I emailed Dr. G seeing if there was anything she could do. She got me in the next day and worked her magic to give me some immediate relief.

I highly recommend her and Recover for any physical therapy and wellness needs!