Doug B.

August 14th, 2019

Dr. Eskridge is an Amazing Physical Therapist! I work out every day, and thought I had a strong core from doing pushup’s, pull ups, situps, and squats. I walked in with what I thought was Sciatica shooting pain down my left leg, after watching me walk, and a short evaluation, I realized, and was humbled by how weak my core actually was, how tight and knotted up my legs were, and a lot of other issues she found. After she showed me the proper way to plank, what I should, and shouldn’t be doing exercising, and gave me the correct exercises for my condition, I am getting a stronger core, and less pain in my leg. Dr. G has the training, knowledge, skills, and a lot of cool props to get you healed, and enjoying life again! I Highly Recommend Dr. G the PT!