Jake P.

August 14th, 2019

The floating part was nice. Before I even went into the water there was a long gray hair stuck to the earplugs I was not liking that but I thought maybe there was just a hair on the chair the guy said the air plugs on. I rinsed off and got into the water. I floated for a while and decided I would like to hear some music I pushed the button I thought would be the music and it didn’t work so then I turn the light on when I set up to push the button again the salt water went to my eye so I use the water provided to rinse my eyes out and the water had a really bad smell then when I got that water out of my eyes there was a hair on my hand that wasn’t mine I was grossed out. I tried to lay again,But about 30 seconds but later i was only thinking about were the hairs that were in that water that weren’t mine. So I got out before the float was over I rinsed off and when I went to put my clothes back on I noticed there was more hair but medium length dark hair next to the chair on the floor that was really gross. Before I had went in to the float I noticed there were two people working there I think the man might have been the owner but I noticed the girl was checking and playing with her phone quite a bit. When I came out the float both him and her we’re both on their phones playing away. The man asked how my flow went I told him about my issues with the hair he told me he wasn’t sure how the hair got on the earplugs because they were new, I told him well you said him down on the wooden chair in the room- and that is why I decided to go ahead and try it thinking that that was the only hair I was going to find but , then there were more. He started to offer the service again or something to that effect but I told him I was good would not be coming back. Instead of playing on their Phones those employees should make sure there is no hair on the floor on the chairs or in the actual unit. I wonder how often they change the water.