Kristin R.

August 14th, 2019

WOWZA! 💗 Love this place! 💗 I had a 60-minute massage with Harmony and she was outstanding! She showed such genuine interest in helping me heal and gain better mobility. She also used Graston Technique (a scraping method) and cupping – which was awesome and also educational. I only wish I had scheduled 90-minutes! Becky, at the front, was superb and friendly – we chatted about running and she helped me get set up for a physical therapy appointment next week. One of the other massage therapists was also there as I checked out and she gave me a ton of information about their services and was so kind. I find Kristin Robert VERY RARE these days to go into a place like this and get the feeling that the staff there genuinely care more about your well-being and less about how much money they’ll make from you. It’s refreshing and makes me feel confident in their care and being innovative with their approach to healing. I am looking forward to meeting with Marcus (the owner) next week for PT and figure out this debilitating back pain. Hooray for Recover! So glad I found this place!