Ryan W.

August 14th, 2019

Dr Anson is amazing! This is my second visit and I have been to many chiropractors but Dr Anson has helped me tremendously in just two visits!! I have had low back pain for years that can shoot down my leg and have been visiting a chiropractor regularly for 10 years.

My first visit was almost an hour and was unlike other visits to past chiropractors, Dr Anson worked on me with multiple different muscle release techniques before ever adjusting me. Over the course of the next week my low back pain got better and better where in the past with of Chiro’s I would get better for a few days and get worse and have to keep going twice a week. I think the difference is he works on the muscles to release and the bones to align both and isn’t stuck on one technique, he did cupping (totally new for me), muscle scraping (was weird and sounds weird), muscle release techniques and stretching as well as adjusting.

I really appreciate the time he took and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing someone to help rehab their pain. I asked him why his sessions are longer than other chiropractors and he said he gets a lot more done and gets patients fixed to where they don’t have to keep seeing him constantly but it takes more time than just a two minute adjustment.

I can’t say enough good things! Freaking get here!!