Tyler W.

August 14th, 2019

I’m a disabled veteran who has one foot flatter than another. This prevents me from being on my feet too much and this also causes spasms of pain, if I don’t stretch or do something regularly. I’m not sure if the VA is willing to cover it, but I’m about to find out if I can get regular treatment.

I tried sensory deprivation therapy for the first time tonight and it was well worth every penny. You can use lights and listen to music for a more laid back session, but I went all-out and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s never tried it before.

Not only do they offer the float tank, but Recover also has a very comfortable wait area with three recliners; one being a full body shiatsu massage chair that you can use before and/or after.

Marcus was awesome in making it a worthwhile experience that I will come back for more of and it’s a very reasonable price for something that provides healing on a whole different level.

I repeat…I highly recommend sensory deprivation float tank therapy for anyone who’s never tried it before. I’ll be telling everyone I know about this experience.