Chiropractic is a health care field that chooses to forgo drugs or surgery as a treatment option to treat dysfunctions in joints, soft tissues, nerves, and muscles of the body.

Generally, Chiropractors focus on the spine, however, at Recover, we also have been trained in several soft tissue and extremity treatment techniques. These techniques include active release technique, dry needling, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. These techniques make us equipped to handle many athletic, soft tissue, and joint injuries.

When most people think of chiropractic they think of an adjustment. The adjustment is the most common treatment used in chiropractic that involves putting force through joints that require more motion to move and function correctly.

A chiropractic adjustment combined with other treatment options and rehab creates long lasting pain relief and improves function. This allows you to be able to get back to the activity you enjoy while performing at your peak.